Enthu public

We met. Again. Us bloggers. Its been a year since we first met. So. We met. Again. Actually, we needed an excuse.

Two new people joined.

We spoke. About cows. Mumbai. Blogging. Twitter. Bloggers. Comments. Indiblog nominations. Food. Running. British Psychology. 140 word posts.

Blog posts getting hotel discounts. Hotels that charge 1700/- for a buffet. And the self help groups that provide food for others ! Of course, you know which ones survive.

About countries. Cricket. Family involvement. Writing style. And a whole lot more. Of course, the missus is happy again. For these are the 'gifts' that came along.

Gappa bowled me over with a IIT Bombay bag, with appropriate customised art for each of us that met. Harekrishnaji came with a lovely hand crafted photo frame. Cabbages and Kings with a delicacy made of jack fruit !

Gunjaiish came with a mango sweet, which isn't part of the picture. For it is now part of the inner recesses of my hip. Nu was the newest member. Maybe i should write her name 'first' ! Catching up with Vivek-Uvaach is a delight. As ever.

Often times i am awed by the medium of blogs and such other social networking platforms. Connecting & transcending age groups, educational backgrounds, distance and cultures is plain awesome. And if that were not enough, getting people to take the time to do something for one another catapults it to a different league !

But then, the essence is not in the technology. Its in the people that use it. 'Enthu public' was a comment that escaped G ! An interesting phrase. I thought !

Of course, you will hear from them too. About the meet. On their blogs.

Interesting times we live in. With so much that divides us all, technology helps unite us and break bread. ( Of which we had two full baskets ). I haven't been as delighted in a long time !

Oh, by the way, the missus has been invited to the next meeting. Perhaps she is getting too much attention on this blog ! In any case, i have let others know that this is a 'bloggers meeting' and not a 'blog subject' meeting !

That is that. Let us know if any of you are interested in being a part of a small group of bloggers who meet. And talk. Till the cows come home. Which is when the waiters hover around the table with dirty looks.

What a whale of a time ! Enthu public. Indeed. Thank you !

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